• Commercial

    INSOC Commercial

    INSOC blends a traditional classroom setting with an online component.

  • Student Demo

     Student Demonstration:

     A quick tutorial on how to use the INSOC Online School. See how fun and easy it is to learn.


Fast Installation

The INSOC system is instantly installed and available for use immediately upon installation.

Accurate, Automated Student Evaluation

This automated grading feature not only leaves instructors with much more time to spend clarifying concepts and aiding individual students, but parents are also advantaged by the ability to monitor their child.s work and progress whenever they wish.

Day-to-Day Progress Report

With this daily account of student activity, teachers are able to track achievements and progress at will. This immediate access to all aspects of student work encourages learner accountability and helps instructors direct learning to suit individual needs. The report is also available for printing whenever documentation is required.

Current Information

The International School of Canada stands out from amongst traditional learning models by providing students with constantly updated material.

Interactive Games

These fun, enriching activities aid in the clarification of challenging concepts while making learning a memorable, pleasurable experience.

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