TESOL Certiification Course

INSOC is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing high quality, highly practical TESOL/TEFL courses. INSOC proudly features nearly four decades of experience in the language industry. Our world-class on-site TEFL program was adapted by expert tutors to the current online version. The result is one of the best and most affordable online TEFL certification programs available. In the event that you want to further your studies after the online TESOL/TEFL course, we invite you to take our optional Teaching Practices or Teaching Business English Courses. Having these added values to your resume will really impress your employers!

Our online TESOL/TEFL course of 150 hours meets the international TEFL requirements, which are:

  • 150 hours of training
  • Discussion sessions covering grammar, teaching skills, etc.
  • Formal assessment
  • Personal tutors
  • Information including TEFL theory and practice.

Our course not only meets but exceeds all of the above criteria in many ways! Graduates of our course earn a 150-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate of true international recognition, which is held in high regard by language schools around the world.

Our experience is demonstrated by first of all, the thorough 150-hour Online TESOL/TEFL course offered. Unlike many courses in the market the INSOC Online TESOL/TEFL course is comprehensive and it takes approximately 150 hours to complete, if you wish to go intensive (3 hours per day), it should take eight weeks to finish the course.

Our Teacher Training offer goes well above practically any other online course to ensure you have a solid base for your career. Only highly skilled individual tutors participate in our program and all of them are hands-on. The INSOC online TESOL/TEFL certificate course has an array of discussion forums available to keep you involved.

Our organization aims to educate and motivate our students. We want you to feel that you are in an interactive involved environment. Teachers who become certified through us are often hired before others in the industry because of INSOC´s impeccable reputation. We welcome feedback in this ever-changing field of work and we want our students to come out of this course with not only competence, but also the confidence they need to be successful.

You will be learning how to teach all four language skills which include: writing, speaking, listening and reading. The games component of our course will help you teach, motivate and succeed with both adults and young learners. Many other schools will charge extra for modules included in our TEFL program. Ex: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.

TESOL Certiification Course

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  • The Nature of Language
  • Language in Social Settings
  • Project: Recognizing In-Language
  • The Functions of Language
  • Project: Using Responsible Language
  • Quiz 1: Language
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Project: Recognizing Nonverbal Behavior
  • The Functions of Nonverbal Communication
  • Types of Nonverbal Communication
  • Project: Ethics and Impressions
  • Competent Nonverbal Communication
  • Project: Observing Nonverbal Communication
  • Quiz 2: Nonverbal Communication
  • The Listening Process
  • Listening Styles
  • Project: Using Listening Styles
  • Listening Barriers
  • Project: Listening Strategies
  • Quiz 3: Listening
  • Special Project
  • Review
  • Test
  • Alternate Test
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Words That Signal Types of Organization
  • Words That Express Feelings
  • Essay: Words for Feelings
  • Spelling Lesson 1: Using y and ou
  • Quiz 1: Signal Words and Words for Feelings
  • Formal, Informal, Nonstandard English
  • Smooth and Clear Expression
  • Essay: Informal/Formal English
  • Spelling Lesson 2: Homonyms
  • Quiz 2 Cumulative
  • Subject-Verb Agreement in Number
  • Form of Action Verbs
  • Verb Tense: Past/Present/Future
  • Direct Object
  • Verbs Often Confused: Lie/Lay
  • Verbs Often Confused: Sit/Set
  • Verbs Often Confused: Rise/Raise
  • Verbs Often Confused: Review
  • Pronouns Often Confused
  • Spelling Lesson 3: Past Tense Verbs
  • Quiz 3: Cumulative
  • Test
  • Alternate Test
  • Reference


  • Development of Language: Origins and Dialects
  • The Indo-European Family
  • Spelling Lesson 1: General/Content Area
  • Quiz 1: History of the English Language
  • Word Classes--Nouns
  • Personal and Possessive Pronouns
  • Other Kinds of Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Project: Descriptive Paragraph
  • Essay: Writing About an Event
  • Spelling Lesson 2: General
  • Quiz 2: Classification of Words
  • Adjectives and Adjective Phrases
  • Adverbs and Adverb Phrases
  • Spelling Lesson 3: Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Quiz 3: Cumulative
  • Speaking Qualities
  • Pitch/Accent/Pause
  • Punctuating Pauses
  • Test
  • Alternate Test
  • Reference


  • Acquiring a Language
  • Essay: Natural Language and Standard English
  • Learning a Standard
  • Levels of Usage
  • Essay: Levels of Standard English
  • Quiz 1: Why Standard English?
  • Making a Dictionary
  • Anatomy of a Dictionary
  • Project: Dictionary Comparison
  • Quiz 2: Dictionaries: Guardians of the Standard
  • Types of Written Standard English
  • Technical Texts
  • Informational Texts
  • Literary Texts
  • Essay: Writing Across Standard English
  • Quiz 3: Varieties of Written Standard English
  • Documentation
  • Works Cited
  • Parenthetical Citation
  • Documentation Review
  • Special Project
  • Test: Learning and Using Standard English
  • Alternate Test: Learning and Using Standard English
  • Reference


  • The Small Group
  • Small Group Types and Formats
  • Project: Brainstorming
  • Organizations
  • Quiz 1: Group Communication
  • Factors Affecting Group Dynamics
  • Individual Competence in Groups
  • Problem Solving in Groups
  • Quiz 2: Group Dynamics
  • Leadership Styles
  • Project: Identifying Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Functions
  • Project: Evaluating Group Effectiveness
  • Quiz 3: Group Leadership and Evaluation
  • Special Project
  • Review
  • Test
  • Alternate Test
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Types of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Relationship Stages
  • Project: Applying Knapp's Relational Model
  • Fluctuations in Relationship Development
  • Quiz 1: Interpersonal Relationships
  • Conversation
  • Project: Are You a Good Conversationalist?
  • Conversation Management
  • Project: Practicing Cues
  • The Basics of Conversational Competence
  • Quiz 2: Interpersonal Communication: Conversation
  • Etiquette for Introductions
  • Project: Introductions
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • Criticism
  • Project: Expressing Yourself Politely
  • Quiz 3: Etiquette for Interpersonal Communication
  • Interviewing
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Project: Preparing for a Job Interview
  • Quiz 4: Interviewing
  • Special Project
  • Review
  • Test
  • Alternate Test
  • Glossary and Credits

Your assignments will be guided and graded through our qualified tutors. Some online courses are based heavily on automated correction. Our tutor support means you can ask your personal tutor and have your questions answered on a personal basis. The INSOC online TESOL/TEFL course can be used for teaching in any country and because we are so widely recognized we will help you search for a job once you complete the course in any country of preference with our direct employment contacts.

Even though there are international standards to be met, certification programs are not standardized in the TEFL industry and many do not meet minimum standards; therefore, quality can vary greatly.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately with any questions that you may have, we will be happy to answer them for you.